We set out to make what we believe you, as a customer, will value. High audio quality, low losses, small size, robustness, flexibility and long life. With our Sierra loop design we manage to keep the distortion at a very low level throughout the audio band and at the same time maintaining a first order characteristics with -3dB at 100kHz giving very low phase shift at 20kHz. The output impedance of Engine-400 has been verified to just a few milliohms in the audio band and the noise is less than 30uVrms giving a dynamic range of 1,3 million times or 122dB. Engine-400 uses the high density multilayer PCB as heat sink thereby keeping the building height down. Low impedance connections to your PCB is provided through massive, gold plated, copper tellurium pins. You as a customer selects which electrolytics, filter capacitors, VA+/- and VDR regulators you prefer to use. You are also free to handle the alarms that is sent out from Engine-400 in the way that you wish. Are you interested in purchasing Engine-400, send us an email.

pdf_ikon Datasheet Engine-400


The AUX-plant is the first of Audio Bricks power plants and it is built on the same concept as the Engine-400 i.e. using the multilayer PCB as both heat sink but here also as inductor winding. It is very versatile in that the VA+/- outputs can be referenced to whatever supply rail you as a customer wish (usually GND in a single ended amplifier and or VS- in a single supply full bridge). VA+ can deliver more than 1A and if paralleled with VDR, up to 1,5A at +15V. The output voltages can also be trimmed with an external resistor in the range between 10-15V. The control loop on the AUX-plant has been built discretely with a matched differential pair in order to maintain a low noise behavior (approximately 30uVrms) even at low powers down to below 1W. There is also no integrator in the loop which means it starts nicely without overshoots. The outputs can handle a large span of capacitance so you are free to experiment. Are you interested in purchasing an AUX-plant, please send us an email.

pdf_ikon Datasheet AUX-plant


Motherboard-1 houses two Engine-400, one AUX-plant, storage capacitors, supervision, balanced input buffers and connectors to connect it to a +/- DC-source. It is the fastest and most convenient way of testing the performance of a system built on Audio Bricks products. The schematic of Motherboard-1 is available on our Design Support page. Are you interested in purchasing a Motherboard-1, send us an email.

pdf_ikon Datasheet Motherboard-1

pdf_ikon Schematic Motherboard-1